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Bending larger diameter PVC Pipe is a breeze with PVC Bendit

by Reese
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on Tuesday, 12 July 2011
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We had a request from a customer to bend 3 inch PVC in a 21” diameter arc. For a demonstration prototype they were building for a navy customer. After reviewing their design sketch we suggested using two ½ inch Bendits with a 1 ½ inch sleeve to increase heating diameter. We also suggested that they could get a tighter bend with a little smaller diameter pipe and still prvide a curved conduit that would meet their needs. The photos are of the finished bends. The Aerospace customer said:

“Just wanted to say thanks for getting me the equipment so quickly. I have attached a picture of successfully bending a 2.5” White schedule 40 PVC as well as 2.5” Harvel clear schedule 40 PVC pipe into a 9.25” radius. Everything worked out fantastic and we’ll be testing things next week.“


clear two and half inch pvc bent into nine and quarter inch diameter arc 170x128

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Welcome to PVC Bendit

by Admin
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on Friday, 08 July 2011
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As the inventor of PVC Bendit, you can imagine I have some pretty strong opinions regarding this topic. But the simple truth is, during the 18 months I spent developing this tool, I bent a serious amount of PVC. During this time, I found exactly what works, what fails, and what the best practices are. This experience allows me to comment on the topic with a certain degree of authority.

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